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Cherbourg Aboriginal Council – Disaster Management Plan Development

In late 2012/early 2013 RWDMS worked closely with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Council to completely re-write their disaster management plan.  The focus of this development was to provide an easy to read plan for the community and a supporting set of disaster management procedures that could be implemented by the Council.  The plan was adopted by the Council in 2013.

Bundaberg Regional Council –  LDMG/DDMG Desktop Exercise

In 2013 RWDMS developed and delivered a Desktop Discussion Exercise for the Bundaberg LDMG/DDMG focusing on response measures likely to be required for the large scale evacuation of coastal areas of the Bundaberg Region due to a storm tide event.  The discussion exercise resulted in LDMG/DDMG members having a better appreciation of this risk and the likely responses required to ensure public safety; and led to enhancements of disaster management plans.