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With over 16 years practical experience in disaster management, RWDMS is well placed to deliver quality disaster management services that will enhance your capabilities and help build community resilience through prevention, preparation, response and recovery. RWDMS can provide support and advice in disaster risk management, the writing of best practice disaster management plans and standard operating procedures; and developing and delivering focused disaster management training and exercises.

Disaster Risk Management

Understanding disaster risk and treating risk appropriately is fundamental to effective disaster management.  Risk takes many forms and RWDMS can assist in ensuring that the risks faced by your community and your organisation are clearly defined and documented.  Cost effective and tailored risk treatment strategies can then be developed and integrated into disaster management plans to ensure they are implemented.   RWDMS can review your existing risk registers to ensure they are comprehensive and assist in the development of effective risk treatment strategies that can be embedded within your disaster management plans.

Disaster Planning

Disaster Management Plans are the foundation of your disaster management capability.  Plans need to be comprehensive but easy to use and should comply with the Queensland Disaster Management Standards.  Moreover, disaster management plans are usually complex documents that address multiple facets across the spectrum of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  They must be tightly integrated to be effective.  RWDMS has significant experience in writing comprehensive disaster management plans and can assist in developing new plans or reviewing existing plans.

Disaster Management Training & Exercises

Disaster Management Plans are of little use if your staff and supporting agencies are unfamiliar with them and cannot put them into effect when needed.    Disaster management training and exercises provide the people in your organisation with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to successfully implement your plans and procedures to prepare for disasters, respond to them when they occur and recover communities that have been impacted by a disaster.  RWDMS has significant experience in the design and delivery of disaster managment training and exercises in Queensland with a particular emphasis on the operation of disaster coordination centres and recovery planning.

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About Rai Whitten

With 23 years of military experience and over 16 years practical experience in disaster management in Queensland, Rai Whitten is uniquely placed to provide disaster management consultancy services to stakeholders in the Queensland Disaster Management System.

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